Nomad World Map

NomadWoldMapWhen setting up this site, I knew I’d want to talk about where I’d been. I had done so before previously by putting together a Google Map that had all of my travel destinations for the trip. This got cumbersome and was relatively featureless. I went searching at first for just a way to embed this kind of information into a post or a page and stumbled upon Nomad World Map.

Rather than just allowing embedding of the Google Maps I had created into the post, I was able to create trips within the plugin. I could embed these trips into a post and it would link up with my blog posts about each of the places I had visited! This is a perfect addition to a site with any type of travel blogging. You’ll even notice the ability to embed your current position into your site as a widget!

There was one problem setting up this plugin, though. It’s incompatible with another plugin I had: Page Builder. For some reason the way Page Builder renders the pages is as a widget. This means that the nice full plugin rendering is no-longer available.

The plugin doesn’t seem to be actively supported any longer as a little bit of research into the plugin has shown. However, the author has it posted on GitHub:

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