Java 7 on Synology

I just wanted to give a little update on the Java 7 support for Synology NAS products. I have been talking with the Synology technical support team and they’ve gave me word last month that support for Java 7 will be included in DSM 5.0.

The DSM 5.0 beta should be launching next week in the UK:

Synology support has also made a point to say: “Anyone who’s interested in becoming a Beta Tester and helping us build a better, more stable product is welcome to participate.” Any links for this will probably only go live after the debut on January 16th, 2014.

Hopefully, this means that the Java 7 support will span their entire range of products – not only the platforms for which Missle Hugger and others have created packages.

I’ll be anxiously awaiting the full support of this so I can try out the newer versions of the Atlassian products along with other Java-based tools.

JIRA Installation on Synolgy NAS – Part 1 – Introduction

logoJIRAPNG[1]I am planning on starting up some software development work with a small team. One of the main things that small teams seem to forget is that they still need to stay organized. One of the ways we stay organized in the team we have at work is with Atlassian’s set of software development tools. All of them integrate nicely together and include a wiki (Confluence), git repository server (Stash / Bitbucket) and an excellent issue tracker (JIRA).

We are planning on using Bitbucket for our development because it will be closed-source and perfectly designed for small teams to be free (up to 5 users) with unlimited private repositories and completely fully-featured. JIRA just made sense for keeping track of issues alongside Bitbucket as they integrate together very well. The versatility of JIRA when compared to the other open-source offerings on the market is just unmatched. The closest I found was BugGenie – it included a wiki, which JIRA doesn’t by default as Confluence is a separate product that integrates. It was close, but just not quite what I was looking for, even though it was really easy to install by comparison as we will soon find out.

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Magic Smoke

Two days into the government shutdown, having done many of the errands I was planning to do during our forced time off, I decided to play a game of League of Legends. I regularly use my computer for gaming, so one would think this was no big deal. However, halfway into a game of ARAM (All Random All Middle), I hear quite literally a “snap, crackle, POP!” and the screen goes dark. I look over at my computer and the blue LEDs are off and the fans are spinning down. I lean closer and get a big whiff of electronic “magic smoke.”

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